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Frequently asked questions

Is my money safe ?

Yes, your account is protected by the exchange policy. The API doesn’t allow any action through the exchange except trading. Therefore Gekko Bot cannot update your account nor Withdraw money.

Is the result guaranteed ?

No, we don’t predict the future. Gekko Bot is optimized to translate the crypto’s fluctuation into actions. We aim to provide a consistent and reliable service, therefore Gekko’s logarithms is constantly reviewed and updated if needed.

Can i stop the bot ? how ?

We’ll be sad to see you go, but if you have to, you can request at any time to have your bot on hold or stop status. Please send your request through our website and we’ll be happy to advise you accordingly.

Should I operate on it ?

Absolutely not, your Gekko Bot is designed to trade for you indepently and on your behalf while you’re enjoying your day. However, you have the option to check that everything is going well.

how to track my results ?

It’s simple, in addition to the monthly performance report you’ll be receiving by e-mail, you’ve the option to check on your Telegram customer page the buys and sales charts as well as the history of trades over the month.

What about fees ?
Our solution is a pay per use based with no hidden or extra fees. You will be paying a fixed rate of 2% of your capital monthly regardless of the performance.
Example: For $500 invested, you will be paying $10 fees.



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